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 Story Time part 2

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Story Time part 2 Avenge11

The three mage-sister's embraced briefly before turning to Lord Stuart and inclining their heads briefly. "My lord," said Debi, the eldest. "It is a honor to meet you, I wish the occassion was a bit more pleasant, however." "Well said Debi," agreed Renske."I have felt an ill wind blowing these past month's but could not discern the source." "Yes there is much to discuss, but I feel we should join together our power to fully divine the source of this darkness," said Ladywitch. "We should set up the circle on top of a tower, and await moon's first light then sisters," said Renske. "That would be the best," Debi added.

Lord Stuart showed them the way to the highest tower in the castle, and sent a page to gather the needed supplies, chalk, red wine, and seventeen white candles. The three sisters sat, and began to draw delicate runes on the cold stone. First around themselves and then connecting into a larger design, that flowed around them all. Around the outside went eleven of the white candles, and in front of each sister two were placed. They took up a low chant, that had the cadence of a soft breeze. As the chanting continued so too did the voices raise, slowly building to a crescendo. The wind had picked up with their voices until it fairly screamed around the castle. Far below people were scurrying indoors to escape the biting gale that was centered on the still seated mages. The sisters gave no indication of the storm's effect, for it touched them not at all, they continued to chant. Soon the gusting began to glow blue as it combined with the sisters magic. and the swirling designs around them began to glow and etch themselves into the stone of the roof. Finally one by one each candle flared to life with a blue flame burning brightly a top each wick.

The circle now complete the two sister's ended their chanting, awaiting the light of the moon to begin scrying for the source of the kingdom's troubles. The wind however, did not dissipate as it should have, and swooped down on an unsuspecting peasant man, snatching him high into the air. "Zach!!!" screamed his hag of a wife, as he was carried off, higher into the sky before being released to drop to his death. A small dent and a large puddle of remains were all that was left of the poor fool, that hadn't heeded his wife's calls to come inside. Yet the wind still wasn't appeased a man racing his horse to the shelter of Castle Tempest was also snatched away, Vinsonne was his name a courier from the eastern fort. He and his horse were smashed into the castle walls repeatedly until they were both a bloody, pulp like pile. The horses suffering was swift, but Vinsonne's screams rang out around the castle. The three sisters listened to the tumult, but couldn't leave the circle they had constructed without interrupting the spell they had already begun. Each prayed that no one else was foolish enough to venture outside and risk their lives.

Princesses Nikki and Maddog were nearing home, and after forty miles of running, their respective burdens were beginning to take their toll. "Your highnesses', please stop and rest yourselves," Captain Black pleaded. "Louise has not stirred and I fear this journey may be worsening her condition." Reluctantly the two sisters slowed and eased their friends down from their shoulders to the soft sand, and looked around. Not far from the beach, they saw a stand of trees. It was maybe 200 yards away. "Let us take shelter there, Nikki," Maddog suggested. "At least we would be out of the open sister." Nikki agreed with her sister and they set off for the trees protection. Once settled, Black began to examine Louise, while Nikki hunted for something for them to eat, and Maddog gathered some kindling for a small fire.

Unbeknown to them, their party was being watched quite closely.

Princess Nikki had ventured into the stand of trees not really thinking it much more than a small copse, however, it was truly a great forest, filled with old and towering trees. The trees were giants, and the forest teeming with life, the sound of game moving amongst the branches drew her in. She moved stealthily, seeking some animal, that the four might share for an evening repast. She hadn't moved far before she saw a ripe target, a young doe was eating some leaves from a low hanging bush, blissfully unaware of the danger to it's life. Nikki slowly circled around some trees, thinking to approach the animal from downwind, having nought but her spear with which to fell the beast. She moved in silent swiftness, but her path was marked and as she stepped to make her strike, six forms dropped from above around her in a circle. She was surrounded.

The leader of the group moved forward and called out, "What is the meaning of your trespass on our sacred home?" "I was aware of no trespass, in fact I wasn't aware that the Princess of Tempest could trespass anywhere within this kingdom," Nikki replied with cool authority. "Who are you to hold hostage your King's daughter?" "What is more you chased away the deer I meant to have for the evening repast, state your name that I might know with whom my ire builds." "These woods are not of your kingdom, princess," the leader said icily. "You have entered the Elven glade, and thought to injure an animal we honor above your petty race. I am called Padfoot," the elven beauty said drawing back her hood. "And these are my people, and these woods are our home." "I apologize," Nikki said seeing at once her error. "I did not realize our encroachment treaded upon the home of your fair people." The group of elves visibly relaxed, as the tension eased with Nikki's humble words. "How come you are here Princess of Tempest?" Padfoot queried. "Please follow us back to your camp," the elf leader added. "The rest of your group has already been ... approached."

Nikki worried, for her sister Maddog was known to have a rash temper, and she didn't want to think what may have transpired when she came in contact with the elves. She waited until they reached the fire of the camp, and noticed the relative health of all before answering the elf maiden. Maddog had been tied quite securely to a tree and was shouting and cursing at ten elves, quite loudly. "Release me you foul brigands, you had no right to place your hands upon a Princess of Tempest!" she cried thrashing in her bonds wildly. The elves for their part shied from her display, and in the light Nikki could see each of them bore the marks of her sister's struggle upon their flesh. She was at the same time proud of her sister, for the elves were warriors of legend, and appalled for these people were fully in their right to defend their border and also years past the allies of her grandfather the former King. "Maddog, my sister hold yourself with some comportment," Nikki said, entering the firelight," for it is we that are in the wrong here." "We have trespassed on the elven glade." All around, the elves began removing their hoods and baring their fair features for the four to see. Maddog and Captain Black stared in awe having never witnessed the elves fabled beauty. Padfoot waggled her fingers and ten of her people melted back among the trees, one freeing the bound princess. "I have sent them to fetch a healer from our home, and some simple food to fill our bellies, I would still venture to hear the tale preceding your arrival in our wood," said the vision of elven loveliness. It wasn't long before the healer had returned along with a few others bearing steaming platters of food and bearing drinks. As the healer tended to Black and the as yet unconscious Louise, Nikki and Maddog related the tale of their fateful voyage and the encounter with the treacherous crab men, and their flight from the beach towards their home. As they finished recounting their adventure, the healer moved closer, and spoke, "My Lady Padfoot," the man began, "I have healed the leg of the gentleman there, however the young woman has been poisoned by the bile secretions of the crab men, we need the star flower of the moonlit boughs for she will not last two more days without it." "Oh dear Gods, Louise..." Maddog moaned for the fate of her friend. "What can we do to help?" She rose from her seat, eyes pleading with those of Lady Padfoot. Padfoot reached within her shirt and pulled out a pretty vial, on a filigreed chain. "This is the potion distilled from that fair flower, a rare blossom that blooms only once every twenty years, and a precious treasure that we elves hold dear for its healing properties, I give it to you freely," she said.

Padfoot handed the vial over to the healer, who at once set to work administering the cure to the prone young woman. "But what of your hasty return to your home, why has your father beckoned you thus?" the elf asked. "He is convening all the people's of note within the land for trouble brews, as surely as this foul weather is not of natural origin," Princess Nikki answered. "We know little else, save that, for his Captain only happened upon us by chance when he sought the Generals, and members of Alpha squad." "Ah the fabled Alpha squad, the tales of their valor ride upon the winds even to our ears," Padfoot replied. "Circumstances must be dire indeed for your father to call on such great heroes. Might I ask a boon Princess?" "You need only ask, your kindness and succour have saved the life of our dear friend Louise, and for that you have our sincerest gratitude," said Nikki. "What is it you wish?" "My duties to my people won't allow me to accompany you to your home at the moment, but allow me to send with you, my sister and a squadron of men to accompany you, see you safely home and give aid as needed until I may join you in Tempest." Nikki and Maddog were stunned. "Lady it is you who favor us with your generosity," Maddog said, "I hope to repay you one day for that and for over-looking my earlier rashness." "Jasmine come and show your face to those that you would accompany," Padfoot said softly.

Softer than the whisper of petals falling from the sky, a single lithe elf maiden, dropped from the trees above. Her grace was undeniable, and her quiet assured-ness spoke of a silent, and deadly power. "Hi there," she said with a effervescence that contrasted her demeanor, "Nice to meet you, call me Jazzie." "It is always nice to see fellow royalty unafraid to take up arms in common cause with their people," Jazzie said, embracing the startled sisters in turn. "Unlike those nasty Thetanian fairies!" "That is all well and good, my sister," Padfoot interupted. "But not important, journey with our friend to their home and please remember to comport yourself as one of the royal elven line?" Jazzie giggled infectiously and despite herself, Padfoot and the others soon joined in for it was, quite obvious that Jazzie cared little for royal pomp and was in no way likely to do as her sister had asked. "Rest the night friends, your friend Louise should be ready to travel in the morning, and then you should be able to reach your home early in the day tomorrow," said Padfoot.

Roy hastened along the trail toward his ancestral homeland. His people, known as the Wolfen, were a close knit society that lived in a group of caverns along the cliffs of Lunarphage. They had many shared commonalities with typical wolf society, a pack mentality if you will, where an Alpha male or female lead the group. While not all of them could, some could shape shift into a hybrid form of man and wolf. Others could talk with animals and each other using a form of telepathy. Roy was blessed with both of these abilities, for his family was of the alpha line. As he neared the cliffs he called out with his mind to his Mother, letting her know of his return, and asking for an audience. Come Roy you need not ask, how could I turn away my son, she replied telepathically. Roy entered the cliffs, ignoring the calls of his people in greeting, focused only on relaying the horror that was coming to his mother, and the clan. Rushing into the gathering hall Roy said, "Hello mother, I realize it has been far too long since last we met, but I bring dire tidings from the Lord of Tempest." "It has been a long time since you hunted with us my son," Marvelous, the Wolfen queen, replied. "I have missed you my son, the pack has missed you." "Mother you know I have my duties to attend, I miss you all too, but my honor comes before my heart. My duty to the kingdom is far more important to everyone." "War is coming Mother," Roy continued, "There is a vast army of trolls and dark spawn amassing in Omega valley, Lord Stuart believes that it is connected to the foul weather as well." Marvelous growled in her throat, and unconsciously began shifting to her Wolfen form. "Damn those beasts, what will Lord Stuart do," she questioned? "He has asked you to send the shifter army, he is rallying groups from across the breadth of the land, and gathering them at Castle Tempest." "Mother there are hundreds of thousands of trolls out there, from many clans, working together in a way I have never seen. The danger to us all is vast, I fear for our people, and all the free folk of the land."

Marvelous inhaled and let out a huge long howl, that echoed throughout the cliffs, tinged with a telepathic command to attend her. People began to rush into the gathering hall from all directions. As she waited for all of her people to gather, Marvelous took a minute to hug her son. "I have missed you my dear," she said. Once the Hall had filled and many outer caverns as well, Marvelous began relaying what she knew, with Roy adding in various details as he could. "I know many of you have felt the wrongness of this snow and tasted the foulness in the air," she said. "We know not its source but, we will find it and do our part to end it." "Your prince has need of shifters to take with him to Lord Stuart of Tempest, High King of our land, who among you will answer his call for aid?" Every shifter present began to shift howling their accent. "As it should be," Marvelous said. "Wolfgirl shall accompany you as your right hand to aid you as you see fit." "Thank you Mother," said Roy. "Thank me for doing what is right? That is unneeded my son. Wolfgirl come here please," the queen beckoned to the comely, and dangerous soldier. "You are to guard Roy and follow his command in this mission. I know that you will not allow your feelings to get in the way of this duty," she finished in a command. Roy cocked his head, with a questioning stare at his mother's words. "No my alpha," said Wolfgirl. "I would gladly give my life for him." Marvelous chuckled softly at her son's obvious befuddlement. "Oh come Roy, the girl is enamored with you, has been for years. She is a good warrior, and would make you a fine mate. Forgive a mother's meddling and give her a chance," she spoke in his mind. Roy's jaw hung agape at the thoughts. "Erm, uh yes well good to have you here, Wolfgirl, its been a while, maybe we can catch up on the return trip to Castle Tempest? "Yes, I would like that very much," Wolfgirl replied. "Alright, soldier's gear up, grab your own provisions but travel light we can hunt as needed. Move it people, you got work to do," she shouted. The Wolfen people were stirred to action, moving with speed in preparation to march. Wolfgirl moved among them giving order to the chaos of their actions. "Yes son that is a fine wolfen woman there, just what you need in a mate," Marvelous quietly needled her son. "Mother..." Roy sighed. "She is great, I just hadn't thought of, well, these matters, that is..." Roy stumbled trying to find the words to say. "I know you hadn't, son. Our people are long lived and you are young still, but it is never too early to find someone with which to share your life. The two of you have a lot in common, and your dedication to duty would serve you both well," Marvelous said. "Go and get some rest, son. I will make sure all is ready for you to leave soon." "Yes mother," he replied with a yawn. It has been a trying few days." Roy hugged his mom again and left to go find his bed, feeling the weight of the last few days growing heavy on his shoulders.

Three hours later Roy arose from his bed refreshed if still a bit tired and made his way back to the gathering hall. His mother Marvelous was waiting for him, along with ten thousand Wolfen elite shifters, clad in armor, and geared up. Wolfgirl stood proudly in front of the group, crisply at attention. "Son these are the best of our soldiers, take them, lead them to glorify the Wolfen name for the High King," Marvelous said. "Wolfgirl begin to lead them out, I need to speak with mother for a moment, I will catch up to you," said Roy. "You heard our prince, MARCH," Wolfgirl said loudly. Roy turned to his mother hugged her close and spoke his thanks to her mind. "I am very proud of you my son," she said aloud. "If you find that times require more aid, call for me, and I will empty these cliffs if I must." Roy kissed his mother's cheek, said his thanks again, and hurried in the footsteps of his army. Happy to have such a fierce fighting force to bring before Lord Stuart. Roy quickly caught up with Wolfgirl, and asked her to call for double time. eager to return to the castle with all haste.

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Story Time part 2
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