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 Story Time part 1

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Story Time part 1 Avenge10


In the far away land of Tempest, a good and decent man ruled. Stuart Stormking was the Lord of Tempest, a just and fair ruler, he cared deeply for all of his people and considered them his family. His family was suffering, for Tempest was a harsh land, plagued by harsh extremes. Wild and violent storms were known to spring out of the clearest day causing untold havoc for the people, and now the land was gripped by a brutal, bitter winter.

All the land save the furthest reaches of the southern desert was covered in snow, freezing crops and turning the old and very young alike into victims of its wrath. Lord Stuart was at a loss for how to help his people so he called for his captains to attend him, I need you men to seek out and summon the Alpha guard, my generals. These past years of peace are at an end. The winter in all its harshness, I feel, is but a precursor to the horror that truly awaits. Normally I would not ask you men to risk your lives on such a task, for I know this winter has claimed the life of many of our countrymen, but omens bear grim tidings, said the tired lord. Take what you need and move with all haste, that you may return swiftly. Go now with my thanks. Stuart called over his faithful protectors Shinryuu, and Roy the wolf. " My friends the task I have for the two of you is most perilous indeed, but is of vital importance." "I need you to venture to the lair of the Lady witch, and ask her to attend me with all haste." "My lord it will be done, but isn't the only way to her home through the valley Omega, where the troll clans reside," Roy the wolf asked. "Aye it is my friend, but there is no alternative. The lady's far sight is the only way to know for sure what to do." after consulting the maps and gathering supplies Roy and Shin departed hurrying to a place they knew could very well spell their doom.

They made their way to valley under cover of darkness each of them very skilled trackers and two of the stealthiest men in the kingdom. Long before they reached the mountain they were overcome with the indescribable stench of innumerable trolls. The filthy beasts guttural cries echoed off the mountain side, chilling the two men to their bones. "what is this Roy?" Shin asked. "There are far too many trolls about" "Indeed my friend," Roy responded. "This is not what our kingdom needs on its doorstep. Not at all". Shin climbed a nearby tree to gain a better vantage point at which to survey the size of the troll horde. There seemed to be hundreds of thousands of them amassing in the valley, so many that it would easily overwhelm any army in the land. Shin scrambled back down from his perch as fast as he could. "Roy there are too many of them to accurately count but it seems to be hundreds of thousands, we must hurry on our task and return to warn the Stormking." The two trackers raced to the foot of the mountain as silently as they could to begin their accent.

Just as they reached the low foothills, a small band of troll sentries led by a bogbear, blocked their path. The vile leader shouted, "I am Mac and I will attack any that dares cross my path! Shin and Roy readied their weapons in the face of the obstacle presented to them, before charging to meet the foul creatures head on. Sorely outnumbered the two pressed into the group of twenty slashing and laying into them, severed limbs and gore flew through the air. Suddenly from behind the trolls a familiar and welcome sight greeted the two men. It was Nuke a fellow scout and warrior in the Stormking's army . "You guys didn't think I would let you have all the fun now did you? Roaches attack!" he cried flinging his arms wide as a hail of giant cockroaches fled his sleeves ravenously tearing into the flesh of their enemies. Soon the only one of their foes left alive was Mac the bugbear, bleeding from several wounds and legless. " You may have defeated me, and my men," The dying bugbear choked out weakly, " But you stand no chance against my lord's army you will be crushed in the tide!" before they could say anything the beast died. Shin and Roy wiped their blades clean, re-sheathing them. "You have our thanks for your most timely entrance friend Nuke," said Roy. "Nuke we need you to take word of this mess directly to Lord Stuart. He must be made aware of the situation here on our border with all haste," added Shin.

Nuke shook hands with his brothers in arms, and turned to leave, his children crawling back into his sleeves. Roy and Shin made their way back to the path ahead of them. "Good luck my friends," Nuke called as he left. "And to you brother," they echoed. Meanwhile on the Plains of Never-ending Green, which were now covered in an unnatural white blanket of snow, the Captains sent forth by Lord Stuart had come upon the first of his Generals, El Greco the bold, and his faithful companion, Feral, sister to King Stuart and fellow General. "My Generals," the lead captain said, bowing, " Our lord has asked us to assemble you all to his side to address the ill tidings that he believes this weather portends." "Yes this seems most prudent," El Greco agreed. " Indeed my friend," said the beautiful and deadly Feral. "never has snow such as this graced the Green Plains." "It seems a most foul trick for surely this is some dark magic," said El Greco. "let us be off at once." the two generals mounted the fierce war horses, and charged off in the direction of Tempest at top speed. "Two down, four to go," the young and humble Captain said to his fellows. "Let us keep going, men."

The captains, led by Riffjeff forged on through the plains until they came to the sea, there on the beach they saw quite a battle raging before them. A band of crab men were being held at bay by Princess Nikki, the fierce battle maiden and member of Alpha squad. She moved like a wave cresting and crashing on the armored carapaces of the crab men, one of the sea creatures called out "I am CoooolWilll," in a garbled tone, right before the lovely princess stabbed her spear in his mouth, cutting out his tongue. She then sliced off his head shutting him up for good. Captain Riffjeff and the others charged down the beach towards Princess Nikki, and the battling crab-men. yet as quick as they were the Battle maiden was faster slaughtering the creatures almost faster than the eye could follow. she was slinging crab guts off her spear just as the men joined her. "What is it Captain...Riffjeff isn't it?" she said. "Your Highness your father has asked us to gather all the members of Alpha squad to meet at the castle," Riffjeff replied bowing low. "We just happened upon your skirmish and thought to lend a hand, a bit too late I guess." "it is of no matter," said Nikki. "These crustaceans pose little threat to one such as I, I will venture home as soon as I can. What of my sister Maddog the grim? Have you found her yet? "We have not my lady, have you any idea where we should look?" said Riffjeff. "We were sailing on the same ship, around the straights just to the south, when these filthy crabs attacked and disabled the ship, it hit some rocks and we both jumped overboard, she must be around here somewhere. Let me search for her and you continue to look for the others.

Nikki didn't wait for acknowledgement, but turned and headed down the beach searching for signs of wreckage and her wayward sister. "Now where could you have gotten to Maddog you little troublemaker you, " the captains heard her mutter as she walked purposefully away. They didn't fear for her though, both Princess' could easily handle themselves in almost any situation. The captains mounted up and rode hard in the opposite direction, knowing they still had more members of alpha squad to find, and knowing Maddog was in her sisters more than capable hands.

Back on the mountain, Roy and Shin were moving at a break neck pace, knowing that it was only a matter of time until the trolls discovered the dead troop and did something about it. "Roy move faster," Shin urged as they climbed the nearly sheer mountainside. "We have got to put as much distance between us as possible and pray we reach the summit, and the Ladywitch in time." "I just pray the filthy trolls don't eat my horse," Roy said."love that animal." "Yeah if you two were any closer I'd swear there was something fishy going on," Shin joked. "Ha ha ha..." Roy deadpanned. "Just because you treat your animals like crap doesn't mean I should man." The two men made good time, and when they reached the nearest plateau, they looked back seeing no trolls on their trail. "Looks like we got lucky mate," Shin surmised. Suddenly from behind them someone said, "That depends on why you are trespassing on my mountain." The two startled soldiers spun around, quickly regaining their composure and seeing that they had reached the very person they sought.

The Ladywitch was surrounded by a nimbus of power, so that she was glowing a bit in the slowly lightening sky. "Well gentlemen, for what reason are you intruding on my domain? Out with it, I have no patience for mucking about, or didn't you notice the trolls on the way up?" "Those pests have been congregating on my doorstep for a fortnight, and I really have no intention of putting up with filthy troll stink for too much longer," she finally paused giving the two men a chance to speak. "A thousand pardons my Ladywitch, but we were sent here by Lord Stormking, to seek an audience for him," Roy muttered in awe of the terrible beauty before him. "Yes, he is wise to call on me, for I have seen an ill wind blowing these past few months, something dire is stirring, not just the weather or these trolls. Something sinister is behind all of this,"

"Come inside my home and we shall leave for the capital at once," Ladywitch waved her hand and the mountain split before their very eyes, as she beckoned them to follow. After witnessing the mages power the two men were astonished and didn't question how they were to leave from inside the mountain. The darkened corridor blazed to light with each of Ladywitch's steps illuminating a maze of intricately carved and lusciously appointed walls. Her home was more splendid than anything that either soldier had ever seen before, glittering with rare gems and gold inlay, it was dazzling to behold. "I see you are admiring my home," the lady said as they followed her. "It pays to be good friends with the dwarf King Elohim." "Come the room with the teleportation sigil inscribed on the floor is just ahead we can be in your castle in moments." The three of them reached the room as mentioned, and the lady pulled them up short before they crossed the threshold. "Ok now you will have to strip gentlemen and toss your artifacts into the room before entering," she said even as she peeled off her dress revealing her lush flesh to her goggle-eyed guests. " I can send your clothes and belongings but not while you are wearing them." "But what about my horse," said Roy. Shin just stared, a bit of drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. "Really, you two pick your chins off the floor," said Ladywitch huffily. "You act as though you have never seen boobs before. I took your horses into my care the moment you started ascending my mountain. Now stop your lolly gagging and get naked, or I will turn you into something vile like the boils on a trolls arse". The two soldiers stripped down fast, neither wanting anything to do with becoming any part of a trolls backside, and tossed their gear into the room. In a flash of light their belongings disappeared. "Your horses will remain here, well looked after I assure you, until you return to claim them. Now in with the both of you." They walked into the room, and the lady gave them a playful slap to the behind as they passed her, "Hurry up already," she said. Almost before they knew it they were standing in the throne room, in front of their king, naked as the day they were born. "Your majesty," they bowed, allow us to present to you Ladywitch." The Lady strode regally to the throne as if fully clothed, and with a slight nod of her head said "Lord of Tempest, I have answered your call". As she spoke the clothing appeared and all three were dressed instantly, without lifting a finger.

Just before they began to speak Lord Stuart's wife and Queen, Marlboroughta the gentle entered the throne room. "Ladywitch my dear old friend," she said hugging the beautiful mage close. "It has been far too long since last I have seen you!" Lord Stuart frowned for he hadn't really known of this friendship, not that it was a bad thing, but he had just ogled the naked woman a moment prior. Hope she doesn't mention anything he thought, for his wife was his love, and such a pretty gentle lady he would never want to hurt her in anyway. "My dear," said Stuart, "I have asked the fair lady here to discuss the horrible portents of this weather. For I feel there may be foul play." "Yes Marl, dear," Ladywitch added, "Your lord husband is quite right. Even now a massive army of filthy trolls the likes of which have never been seen congregate at both our doorsteps." "There is most assuredly an evil tiding behind this, for I have felt the power at work moving the weather from its proper path. Not to mention the fact that disgusting trolls would as soon attack each other, yet warring clans wait side by side peacefully working together," the lady continued. "Some great evil is behind this and we must find out who." " Minus you old Bear," Lord Stuart shouted." "Yes, my lord," replied the chief steward. "I need for you to prepare the war room. Also send for refreshments for our soon to be arriving friends, and the great Ladywitch of course."

The queen hustled off with her friend, speaking in a low whisper, as Lord Stuart remained in his throne pondering how such few words could fill him with such dread. "Well men what do you have to add to this news? Speak Roy, Shinryu just how many trolls were there?" "Lord Tempest the numbers were quite vast, in the hundreds of thousands at least." said Shin. "I couldn't get a more accurate count as we were pressed for time seeking out the Lady of the mountain sire." "I see," said the tired king. "This is something never heard of before, I hate to send you out so soon my men, but we must begin to gather all available people that are of age to battle this troll hoard. "Shin I need you to head to lands of the cat people," Lord Stuart said, standing. "Meet with their Chief Zero, and see how many of their able bodied warriors he can spare for our cause. Why don't you take Old Mill with you, I hear the chief is fond of his home churned butter," added the lord. "Roy I need you to go home to the tribe of the wolf, as many of your shifter brethren as we can get to help us as well." "Bring me an army men, and hurry as fast as you can," added the ruler of Tempest. "We will be back before you notice our absence my lord," the men said together, turning and rushing from the throne room. "Well no rest for the weary, eh brother," said Shinryuu as they hurried off. "Good travels my friend," Roy said as they parted ways to carry out the orders of their king.

Lord Stuart began to walk down the corridors of the keep, towards the war room, hoping that he might find his wife and Ladywitch there, and further his understanding of events that seemed to be spiraling out of control. Back on the beach, Princess Nikki had found the largest bit of wreckage from her and sister's ship, along with Captain Black, her good friend and the pilot of their vessel. "Black my friend, have you seen my sister? There is trouble brewing and we are all needed back at the palace immediately." "Princess Maddog ran off down the beach chasing some crab men that had captured Louise, your highness," Black answered the princess. "I too would have given chase, but she asked me to wait here to let you know of what had happened." The princess looked down for the first time and really took in the state of her friend. He had a pretty severe gash on his left leg, that had been hastily bandaged. "Oh, Black you're hurt," she cried! "You must think me an insensitive lout, are you able to move your leg?" "I will be fine, Princess," said Black. "Hurry to aid you sister and Louise, that we may hurry to the castle as soon as possible." Nikki didn't spare a second more taking the captain at his word and hurried down the beach to find her wayward sibling and their childhood friend louise. It wasn't long before she caught up to them either, scarcely a mile down the beach, her sister looked to have things well in hand setting into the crab-men with a vengence their stinking fish guts flying through the air with aplomb. louise lay at her feet, appearently unconscious, and covered in the gore of the bodies maddog was decimating with her twin blades. Nikki rushed to her sister's side where a few of the filthy crabs were trying to circle around behind the dual sword wielding girl. They were summarily gored by the battle maiden's wicked spear, as she charged, taking down three of the beast men within seconds. "What happened sister," Nikki asked her panting sibling. "Louise cracked her head and fell overboard when the ship washed ashore, and these beasts snatched her up and carted her off" "Black had somehow been injured as well and was bleeding quite a bit so I wrapped his leg and left to give chase. When I caught up to the scuttling bastards and began to fight, they dropped Louise and you can figure out the rest I think" "Are you alright, sister," Nikki inquired? "I am fine Nikki, thanks for the help, although I had them you know." "I did not fear the outcome Maddog, but stepped in to hurry it along, father needs us urgently." "Well since we have two incapacitated allies to carry flip you for louise, she's light" Maddog said with a laugh. "Hahaha maddog my dear I can outrun you carry three men the size of Black, let's go," said Nikki as her sister picked up their friend and slung her over a shoulder.

They quickly returned to Captain Black and Nikki slung the man over her own shoulders and they ran for home, as fleet as two gazelles seemingly unburdened by the weight of their friends. Queen Marl and Ladywitch had just settled in and were chatting quietly when Lord Stuart found them, in the war room. "My Lord, Husband," the queen said, "Ladywitch and I were just catching up, did you know she and her sisters are some of my oldest and dearest friends?" "I did not Queen of my heart," Stuart replied. "Sorry to interupt your reunion, but there are pressing matters to discuss." "You are correct Lord Stuart," said Ladywitch. "But my scrying has revealed little more than what I have told you already, I need to ask my sisters to join me. "Renske, Debi I call on you now join me in Castle Tempest for the sake of our land," Ladywitch intoned. Almost before she had finished, two different distinct areas in the room seemed to become charged with swirling blue energy as the sister mages appeared before the king and queen.

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Story Time part 1
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