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 Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training

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Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training  Empty
PostSubject: Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training    Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2013 5:57 pm

Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training  Avenge15

Sitting around a table in a darkened corner of the Old Crow, sat Night, Beer, Jinxy, and Blum. The smoke filled room reeked of stale sweat, spilled ale, and some undefinable stench, perhaps moldering food, or a ranker body odor, what ever it may have been, it was perhaps the worst thing Night had ever smelled. "Excuse me," said Master Beer, releasing a loud fart, "I fear I may have added to the stench a bit." The four companions laughed loudly as the sound reverberated around the densely packed room. When the laughing had died down again, he continued, "In all seriousness we need to eat, and get moving. Blum did you get the rest of our supplies?" "Yes, we did," said Jinxy wiping her eyes, "man that stings the eyes Beer." Beer passed her a handkerchief, bowing with a flourish of pride, before sitting back down. He turned to Nightranger and spoke, "On our journey Blum and Jinxy will be furthering your lessons, you are to continue our own training regimen as best you can as well." "Yeah we are gonna whip you into shape boy," Blum grinned with a little too much relish for Nightranger. "I have some special armor pieces for you to wear at all times. Pauldrons, bracers and greaves. They will build up your strength," the big man added shoving food in his mouth. "Yes Master Blum," Night added hardly touching his plate, because of the nauseating odor of the bar. "You had better eat, you are going to need your strength," Jinxy said, around a mouth full of pretzels. "My husband isn't kidding; you are going to be set a hard regiment of training on top of the daily marching we are doing. I will be working with you on how to maintain balance while doing any and everything imaginable. You should be able to flip, twist and spin, in perfect sync with your surroundings at any time." Nightranger pondered the words of his new masters as he pinched his nose and forced himself to eat the food on his plate. Once he finished they settled their bill, and Beer whispered a few words to the unkempt barkeep, before they headed out into the blessedly fresh air. They stopped for a minute as Blum handed the armor to him piece by piece helping him adjust it. Master Blum was deceptively strong, he handled each piece as if it weighed little, but each piece seemed to weigh twenty stone. Nightranger could already feel the strain wearing it would bring, much less doing the requisite training, how he was to manage he wasn't sure. Once the armor was on, Night felt as though he was moving underwater. But he didn't complain, grabbing his pack and weapons, and prepared to leave. "Eh thats not going to do," Blum said, placing his pack and Jinxy's on the young man's back as well, "there, now we can go." Beer didn't add his pack to the burden, for which Night was grateful, because as they set out, the weight and heat rolling from the desert had left him soaking in sweat. The three masters, set a pace that was comfortable under normal conditions, but it was a grinding pace for someone carrying in excess of an extra two hundred pounds. It wasn't long before he began lagging further, and further behind, and no one slowed or waited for him. Soon, his only guiding landmarks were the footprints in front of him. Thank the creator there was a lack of the pervading desert wind, or he might have found himself completely lost. The day dragged on, so hot and thirsty, but he continued his pace forward. Soon the sun began to set and the heat was replaced by a cold that clung to every bit of moisture on his damp skin and clothing. Just ahead he came to see a fire, he had finally caught up to his Master's at last. They were resting comfortably around an oasis, eating and talking, showing none of the strain that seemed to tug at his soul. He walked up to the fire, and Blum helped him off with the packs, but left the armor on. "Get yourself to the water and have a drink. Not too much mind, you have a few hours of training before sleep." Night did as he was asked and stopped himself from swallowing the entire contents of the pool, it was so clean and crisp, obviously fed by an underground aquifer. He trudged back to the fire, and Blum met him. "Tonight is for Jinxy, she has asked that you train without the armor tonight and add a piece as she sees fit until you work fully armored. Personally, I think she's being soft on you." "Listen you big ox," Jinxy said, "don't you go thinking to tell me how to train my pupil. He will learn from me in my own way, got it?" Blum just nodded and helped him out of the armor. He still wore the armor of dwarfen craft, but otherwise was unadorned, Jinxy led him to a group of boulders near the water, which she deftly climbed, waiting for him to scramble up after her. He made it with little trouble, and found Jinxy standing on her hands. "I want you to do as I do," she said. Night did so, bending at the waist and then lifting his legs in the air and holding them there. Jinxy nodded her approval, then lifted her right arm, so she was balancing solely on her left palm. It took some concentration but slowly Night managed to mimic her pose. Jinxy then did something that Night may have thought impossible, had he not been watching it right in front of him. She flexed her elbow and began bouncing on her palm lightly, before pushing herself up using two fingers! Night's mouth hung agape at this spectacle, but he quickly gathered himself and tried to again copy her movements, unfortunately his quivering arms wobbled causing him to lose his balance, landing hard on his back. The air rushed from his chest with a great whoosh. Jinxy still balancing on finger tips, tucked her body, pushed off the fingers and sprung into the air, tumbling down and landing on her feet next to Nightranger. She helped him to his feet, "Up you go, not bad, your form was consistent, until the end. We will work until the movements are second nature to you." Night brushed himself off, and went to climb back up the rock. "Not tonight," she said with a laugh. "Beer wants you to eat something, and work your sword forms. Also you do need rest as well, come let us see what they have made for dinner." They headed back to the fire, and were met by the smell of roasting desert hare. Jinxy sat down next to Blum, but Night merely picked up his weapons moved a few yards away form the fire and methodically began working the forms; fighting against the ache in his muscles. Finishing, he joined the others and ate in silence, soon each had spread their bedrolls and laid down for the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - Added 7th February 2013 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Night had fallen on Castle Tempest, and a cloaked figure was making use of the cover of darkness. Creeping from shadow to shadow, the dark person used the hidden passages of the castle with a sure familiarity. The tunnels, though black as pitch, didn't deter the determined stride of this person as they moved with sureity born of countless trips along these paths. Reaching the end of the path, they pressed a series of bricks that opened a hidden door in the wall, and stepped out into the chill night air. A lone sentry was making the rounds just then, and with no way to remain undetected as the man passed, the cloaked figure released tendrils of black energy from both hands that hit the guard unawares, draining every drop of life from him, and leaving a dessicated body that shriveled to dust and blew away without a trace. The black power returned to its source invigorating the evil within the mage. Glancing around to ensure no witness remained of the crime, the figure moved on once the path was deemed clear. Drawing the cloak even tighter around their face, they continued toward the towns gates, hugging to walls and shadows as they were presented, shying away from any and all watchful eyes. The gates were much better guarded than the walls of the castle, with several moving sentries, as well as a detail of stationary guards. This didn't phase the dark one in the least. Waiting until the sentries had established a reliable pattern and had moved as far away from each other as possible, the cloaked one darted towards the wall, drawing on the life force ripped from the hapless guard, they catapulted themself to the top of the wall. There were two guards near the position of the cloaked figure and each made to sound the alarm, with their last breath. Without any semblance of compassion both were also drained dry and left as ash on the breeze. Soon enough the figure was moving away from Tempest, more swiftly than a horse although on their feet. Time was of the essence, and they needed to return to the castle before first light, for fear they might be missed. Rushing along, the wind whipped at the cloak, before the person within it struggled it back into place, and raced to the heart of the mountain where the Dark King awaited their report. The Dark King's bugbears and trolls milled in omega valley, restless and eager for chaos and destruction, but even they feared the treacherous nature of the figure flying into their midst. For none was more vile, or feared save Mistress Nighttang, or their King. Entering the sulfurous throne room, and the presence of the Dark Lord, the cloaked figure threw off their concealment, and prostrated to the foul Master. "Arise my little snake," the Dark King spoke, "tell me what news you have of my enemies, Louise." The childhood "friend" of the Princesses and planted spy, gave her master intricate knowledge of the inner workings of the castle, as well as letting him know of the races banding together, under High King Stuart. "The only people that have as yet failed to show are the dwarves, and I believe Stuart Stormking needs them most of all, my master," said the slimy villainous woman. "Yes I am well aware of the importance old Stuart has placed on the stout dwarven artisans. Why, the fool sent his only beloved sister to ensure they joined with him. Such a pity that even now Mistress Nighttang and a band of my best men are lying in wait for them. Lady Lilu will never arrive at the halls of Elohim," he said with a maniacal laugh. "Hurry back to your place lest you be discovered mis. "Yes my master, as you command," Louise said bowing low, and hurrying back the way she had come.

The sun was lightening the sky with a pale pink glow, and Princess Jazmine stood on the edge of her balcony, humming a low tune, that called to her a majestic falcon. The white and silvery blue bird was her familiar, and could deliver a message to her mother Queen Blue with all haste. She had spent most of the night with her mind preoccupied by thoughts of the king, and had just finished penning a missive to ask her Mother for the full weight of the elven army to march at once. Jazzie had just finished tying the note to Waynem, her falcon, and sent him off, when she spotted a mysterious figure sneaking towards the castle walls. The great bird saw the figure, and felt his Princess's desire to find out who it was. Tucking in his wings, Waynem dove towards the unsuspecting person from on high, pulling up at the last second, talons extended, whipping the cloak from their head. Jazzie's keen elfin eyesight was unparallelled, her skills second to none. She saw clearly the face of Louise, even for the split second it was revealed. What good could she be up to skulking about like a thief in the night, the Princess wondered? It was obvious the girl had recovered fully from her ordeal at the hands of the crab men, but she had been acting quite weak for days now, as though her strength hadn't fully returned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - Added 8th February 2013 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jazmine waited until Louise ducked into the opening, and skittered down the wall, and inside before the opening could close. The darkened corridor was plenty bright enough for elven eyes, and the princess had no trouble following the slinking sneak. The tunnel went up a steep grade, climbing a level, and Louise came to a stop again pushing random stones until the wall slid away behind a tapestry, which she peered around ensuring no one saw, before hastily making an exit.

Jazmine had seen enough, she moved swiftly out of the closing doorway, and placed bared steel against Louise's neck. "I do hope you give me a reason," said the elf, "please do. ""What are you doing?" Louise tried pleading, knowing in her black heart, that she hadn't the time or distance to work her black magic. One flick of the sword in Jazmine's hands would end her life. "I should ask you the same? Or perhaps we should ask the King? What business you have skulking about in cloaks, and using hidden passages, in the night? Hmmm? I wonder at his response to that," Jazzie said. "In fact let us head to the throne room right away. Move an inch in the wrong direction and I won't hesitate to cut off your sneaky little head. You can bank on that!" The evil shrew was flustered, and knew she had little choice but to wait for an opportunity to escape. Her cunning snake-like mind was plotting a mile a minute trying to think of a way to convince everyone that nothing was the matter.

The forced march was over all to quickly and the pair entered the throne room. At the sight King Stuart rose form his throne, "What is the meaning of this Princess Jazmine? Louise is a dear friend of my daughters, and I have known her since she was a child." The throne room grew silent, and those assembled there, Queen Marl, Princesses Nikki and Maddog, as well as Ladywitch, her sisters, and a few of the visiting gentry looked shocked.

"Your "friend" here was seen skulking around in the night, and using hidden passages throughout the castle, My Lord Stuart," Princess jazzie said. "I saw it myself." "I thought it most prudent to bring her to you for an explanation, as the still weak and hurting Louise was not glimpsed once the whole time I followed her. There is something quite amiss here, High King." "Indeed," Stuart said softly, for he too wanted answers, "Louise what do you have to say for yourself? You knew that no one was to be outside in the night. Then there are the reports from shift commanders that guards have gone missing in the night. Well speak!"

Princess Jazmine remained at guard, but had taken a step away from Louise as she was surrounded. Heaveing a sigh, now that her neck wasn't in immediate peril,Louise pulled herself up straight and glared defiantly at the king and all in attendance. "You pathetic cretins think to demand answers from me? The master I serve could eradicate you all with ease," Louise sneered drawing a nimbus of fell power around her. "I will end the pretense of friendship, and speak plain. You, and all of this land, are doomed unless you bow before the Dark King!" The traitorous wench moved to lash out with her power, but was halted by the might of Ladywitch, Renske, and Debi. Frozen in place for a fraction of a second, jazmine glided through the air with a terrible and deadly grace, and lopped her head from her shoulders.

Louise's crackling head rolled to a stop, spitting and cursing even apart from its body. Waves of black energy sparking and hissed from her severed neck, as her body fell to it's knees. "This changes nothing," she whispered with her last breath," my Master will crush you all..." Jazmine gave the head a sharp kick, and in a distinctly un-princess like gesture all three in attendence spit on the beheaded face. No one begrudged them the act, and the three sisters quickly burned the remains out of existence.

"This is a travesty," Queen Marl said breaking the silence that had descended on the room, "that scum knew everything about us, she could have given the enemy everything, all our secrets."

"I can't believe I didn't suspect anything, how long could she have been working with them," Nikki wondered. "Yeah sis, we carried that foul bitch all the way here, should have let the crabs eat her face off," Maddog shouted.

"Language dear," Marl said. "Even if you are all too right in your assessment." Stuart heaved a sigh, and sent runners to fetch the Alpha Squad. At least she couldn't have known of their return he thought, as he had only learned of it minutes before they had entered the throne room. "We shall have to make plans as though the enemy is aware of all our plans," Stuart said. "Luckily this Dark King doesn't know of the Alpha Squad's return."

Ladywitch nodded to her sisters, and they left the room, after making their courtesies to the assembled royalty. "Renske, Debi we should try and track the power signature of her magic; it may give us an idea of where to look for this Dark King."

Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training  2009-015
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Story Time part 6: Jixny begins Nightranger's training
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