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 Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum

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Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum  Empty
PostSubject: Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum    Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2013 5:41 pm

Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum  Avenge14

The morning air was crisp, and although he hadn't slept long Nightranger was alert with the promise of answers. Night knew it would be sometime still before Master Beer shook off the effects of last night's drinks, so he began his long sword forms, after a short period of warm ups. Surprisingly, he felt he was being watched. He didn't break cadence but called out, "Master, I hadn't expected you to rise so early." he said, eyes closed in the motions called the blind blade dancer. "Hmmm, you are over extending just a tad with your reach, not the greatest mistake but it could cost you against the right opponent," a distinctly female voice said. Nightranger's eyes flashed open, and he turned in perfect readiness, sword held balanced and prepared. "Who are you?," he asked warily. He stared at the woman and her companion as she answered, "My name is Jinxy, and this is my husband Blum. We have a long history with your Master Beer, has the old drunkard woken yet?" "How do you know him," the young warrior asked. "We served together for many years, trained together, learned from each other, lived with each other... but I think this is your Master's story to tell." "We ran into him last night," Blum added, and he asked for us to show up here this morning, didn't know it was for a wake up call." "Guy could never handle his drink, humph, had as much as him last night and look at me. I'm fine," Blum added. Blum walked over to the closed shutters, banged once until they flew open and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Wake up you old man, you invited us here remember, where's my breakfast? Get up, get up!!" Jinxy was doing acrobatics while Blum shouted, a mesmerizing series of tumbles flips and rolls, moving so lithely and quickly that not even the dirt was moving. Nightranger had never seen such a display of precision and grace, he had thought that Beer's movements unreal once but this was a whole new level. Jinxy finished working out the kinks, landing atop a post in the fence, and crouching to a sitting position on her single heel the other leg held straight in front of her before she curled it to rest atop the other. Nightranger closed his mouth, and was just about to ask how she did it, when Beer appeared at the door. Beer embraced his old friends again, happy to see them, but more happy to finally get the burden off his chest. "Blum, Jinxy I'm so glad to see you, I know I never really gave you a reason why I left, I couldn't at the time. The Oracle Mother Squish, appeared to me, and told me that I would have to raise this young man and train him as I was trained, like a monk, he was to remain cloistered, sheltered from contact with all, save me." She told me of a time when darkness would rise, that would be heralded by an unusual winter frost almost without end. When the snow kisses the desert, she said, then will the time of this hero be at hand. The oracle that had originally appeared to me as ethereal as a ghost or apparition, then solidified and handed me the boy, naught but a babe. His heritage is unknown to me save that the Oracle told me his mother died giving birth to him. For 17 years I have raised him, and trained him, and now this winter spoken of is upon us. I asked the two of you here because, each of you possesses talents he may need to learn, in order to fulfill the destiny assigned him. Unfortunately, we must be on the move soon if you are willing?" "I don't care a whit for when we leave, but I mean to have my breakfast Beer," Blum said, "and since I smell none cooking here how about you two gather your things and meet us at the hole that passes as an Inn. "Alright then, we shall meet you at the Old Crow," Beer said, "if you wouldn't mind, order enough for us as well, we shall be along shortly." "I can't believe we have to eat that overpriced rubbish," Jinxy muttered, as she did a crouched back flip from the post. "Ah well, at least they have those nice pretzels," she added as the couple headed up the road. Beer paused looking at Nightranger, thinking of how the boy must be feeling, and waited for some reaction. Night just nodded at Beer and said, "Thank you." turned and walked inside to gather his few belongings. Beer followed the lad inside, and paused by his bed, kneeling on the floor he pushed in two knots in the floor boards, and shifted aside the sliding planks of wood to reveal a small hidden chamber beneath the house, inside were two finely crafted suits of armor, two full travel packs, and many weapons all of the finest quality.

The young warrior entered the room and marveled at the assembled collection, but more at the fact that he had never known of the treasure directly below them. "Pick a few of the weapons, and wait before you do take that axe and strike one of the suits of armor," Beer told his apprentice. Night heaved the axe and approached the mannequin on which the armor rested, and struck at the armor in an overhand chop. Although the strike was true the armor seemed to shift, and deflect the attack, causing it to slide away with barely a scratch to show on the gleaming links. Nightranger lifted the armor from the mannequin and examined the shoulder he had struck, there was no mark to state he had hit it at all. "Now I am sure you are wondering how a material can be so light and flexible and repel such force, right? This is a very rare metal, forged from a fallen star by the dwarven King Elohim,' Beer said. "Very few things were made from it, this armor was made for you son. The oracle visited with King Elohim as well. He and the queen of the eleven people also crafted for you, a weapon so great that none save you can touch it. It hasn't moved from the place of it's creation in over one hundred years."

"The armor is a mighty tool Night, but do not let it bring over-confidence into your heart. It can deflect the edge of the weapon but you can still feel the force of the blow, if strong enough." Nightranger took off his shirt and placed the armor over his light undershirt, as he was about to put on his shirt again, Beer spoke once more. "There is some nicer clothing in the bags there, you may as well put it on now, it won't do to have you looking like a farm hand." "Why," Night asked. "I am but a simple man, am I not." "You are not, son," Beer answered. "You are a knight, whether ordained or not, and on our journey you are sure to come across several of the lands Kings, and Queens, among them the High King, Lord Stuart Stormking." Nightranger inclined his head introspectively, a bit shocked from the news that he would be meeting the leaders of the land. "Well lad, grab your things, Blum can get a bit grouchy if he has to wait for long, we should get going, hmmm," Beer added grabbing his own gear along with several clinking dressings, pouches obviously filled with coins. He tossed a few of these to Night as well which the young man then placed into his bag, and finished dressing. He then headed to the racks of weapons and chose for himself four daggers ranging in size from very small, to almost a short sword in length, he tucked two into his boots and one at his back before buckling the longest at his left hip. His eye caught sight of a beautiful, folding bow, and a quiver of arrows. This he strapped to his back, along with his pack. "Come boy, take a mid range weapon will you, and lets go," Beer said, strapping two swords to his back before tossing on his pack as well, and heading out of the house. Night followed his master's advice and snatched a delicately curved sabre from a stand, buckling the intricately scrolled and well oiled sheath to his right hip. As Nightranger climbed out of the chamber, the panels slid shut on their own, and sealed leaving no evidence of there being anything under the floor at all. He left the only home he had known, closing the door behind him and following after his master toward the town for the first time.

Castle Tempest was a flurry of activity, already the grounds were filling rapidly Roy, and Wolfgirl had led the wolfen army into the gates mere hours ago, and they were starting to get settled in just as the gates of the city opened again for the return of Shinryuu, Old Mill, and Chief Zero, along with all of his clan of cat people. Roy approached his brother in arms and said, "Glad to see you safe Shin, any trouble?" "Roy, where the hell do I start, brother? We walked into a shit storm, but it all worked out. Have you met with our Lord Stuart yet," Shin asked. "Only briefly, and not long enough for any debriefing, he tasked me with accomodating all of the expected arrivals, along with the Princesses," said Roy. "Thankfully, work was just completed on the three new barracks on the south side of the castle, the elven delegation has taken one, my people another, and the last is for your folks Chief Zero," Roy said bowing to the feline leader. Roy and Shin then led them towards their temporary homes, "The High King has asked us to house the leaders within the castle proper, after we get your people settled in, if you would join us we can take you to your quarters," the wolfen prince added. Ladywitch, and her sisters, Debi, and Renske watched the various people gathering below them from atop the tower they had taken as their own. "it appears that things are moving along nicely, my sisters," Ladywitch said. "Yes so far it is as the vision proclaimed," Debi agreed. "I hope the High King's sister Lilu has luck in bringing the dwarves to our cause,' Renske worried, "Elohim is a good king, but has little love for the other races, after the falling out he had with Queen Blue, of the elves. It is a wonder if he will even listen to our pleas." "Blueruin, she really lived up to the name on that one," Renske said, with a chuckle. "The poor dwarf was besotted with her after they crafted the sword, and she smashed his heart right on the anvil, falling for his own daughter Kc." "For all of that, Elohim is a good and kind man, and he is one of the few that knows what is truly at stake. He needs to finally let us know what the great oracle Mother squish told him all those years ago," Ladywitch said. "Mother Squish is so very cryptic, and never forthcoming," said Debi, "I mean how could she not trust the three of us with a prophecy of this magnitude, have we not devoted our lives to the land?" "You know well that isn't how it works, Debi dear, no need to get our knickers in a knot over it," Ladywitch said, "As things are well on their way to happening, perhaps we can learn now that which we have wondered at for so long." "Yes sisters there might be a clue there as well to the identity of the hero that shall wield the Claymore," Renske stated, "we should head to see the King, I am sure he will be calling on the assembled leaders soon." The three then turned and began the descent from the tower's heights each of them pondering the roles that all involved would have to play.

Much the same was on the mind of the High King. Lord Stuart was pacing around his war room, envisioning troop allocations, wondering how soon his Generals might arrive and if they had enough men to even put a dent in the hoard that was sure to attack soon. Queen Marl entered the room and seeing the state her husband was in guided him to the chair at the head of the table, and rubbed his shoulders, calming him. The respite was short lived however, as the delegates began trickling in and greetings of state were given. Soon the convened dignitaries were seated and the discussion began in earnest, with voices escalating in pitch not long after. Princess Jazmine had seated herself to King Stuart's right, and kept stealing glances at him throughout the meeting. "Can we all settle down, please!" Stuart said forcefully," arguing amongst ourselves solves nothing." He glanced in turn at each of the powerful people seated there, and noticed the absence of his sister and King Elohim of the dwarves immediately. He was worried, both for his sister Lilu's safety, and for the alliance needed with the dwarfs. He looked down the long table to his Queen, who smiled at him nodding her head slightly, and continued, "I know that we all have our concerns, and fate seems to be pushing us towards a conflict none of us are truly prepared for, but we must come together, if we are to face it." "King Stuart is right," replied Chief Zero, "old enmities serve us no longer, we will work with all, even wolfens." At these words Roy exhaled worried about the natural hatred between his people and the cat clans. "I agree wholeheartedly Chief," said the wolfen Prince. With order restored to the proceedings, the High King relaxed a little, and soon plans were underway, to secure the holdings around the castle, and to bring in additional members of the elves, and wolfen people as needed to supplement their forces. Soon servants entered the hall with food and drink and the talk turned to more pleasant topics, and building upon the good will that had been engendered amongst the assembled royalty. Stuart picked at the food before him, listening little to the conversations around him, lost in his inner thoughts. Where were the Alpha squad, and what was happening with his sister? Without realizing it, the lack of food had caused the strong wine to quickly go to his head. He stood and raised his cup to those at the table, before making apologies, and leaving. As he passed his wife, she grabbed his arm, and kissed him on the cheek saying, "Stuart love, are you alright? I would come with you but we both can't leave our guests." "Yes my dear Marl, I will be fine. Please enjoy the company, and I will see you soon," he said placing a gentle kiss on her brow. He exited the chamber heading to his room, holding himself steady although he didn't feel it, maintaining the dignity of a king. A few of the other guests departed afterwards for their own quarters, but many stayed for a long while drinking and enjoying themselves. Stuart made it to his bed, removed his clothes and collapsed, his alcohol befuddled mind exhausted. He was soon in a deep sleep. It wasn't long after that he was partially awakened by kisses along his face and neck. "Mmmm, Marl that feels so nice love," he slurred still feeling the effects of the wine and fatigue, eyes closed in the darkness. Soft hands played along his skin, like a dream, he moved in a comfortable rhythm born of the years he shared with his wife, still not totally aware or awake. The hands were insistent, and soon had stoked his passion, bringing him more fully awake. He opened his eyes slowly moving in to kiss his wife and found himself looking into the eyes of the beautiful elf, Princess Jazmine. She didn't hesitate for an instant and closed the distance devouring his shocked lips. Stuart pushed her off him and scrambled out of the bed, mortified, and unsure of his feelings. He knew this was so wrong, and yet it felt so right. He looked back to where she had been on the bed, and gone without a trace. Was it all a dream, Stuart wondered, as he layed back down and drifted into a fitful sleep.

Greco the great, an unparallelled marksman. Amber the Golden Lady, healer and warrior fair. Maestro, the berserker, strength incarnate. Ballzee the bold, a warrior without fear. Father of Maniacs, dedicated eradicator of evil. John, strategist and leader of them all. These six people were some of the most feared and respected in all the land, their deeds were known far and wide. John took the lead, nodding to his peers, as they swiftly moved towards the castle. The quiet efficiency, and economical purpose which they employed left Captain Riffjeff and his men behind, and sounding like a herd of horn beasts as they moved to follow. The groups passed into the gates of the rapidly overcrowding city, heading directly to the castle stables and leaving the startled groomsmen to attend their mounts. "Captain," John said, "See to the needs of your men. The King will receive your report first thing in the morning." "Well done, men," added Maestro, "You have done our country a great service, which I am sure will be rewarded by Lord Stuart." Captain Riffjeff, and his men saluted the generals crisply, and Riffjeff added a nod of thanks to Maestro before they took their leave. The six friends entered the castle and headed immediately to the war room, which was empty, but the table held the maps and battle plans that the High King had already formulated. The Generals wasted little time getting to work. John began by studying the troop allocations in detail, formulating strategies on the fly, making decisions about who would work best together based on their abilities and temperaments. "In order for them to work most effectively we shall have to begin drilling them in the morning, to really stand a chance we need cohesion," he said to the others. "Maestro, Maniac, I leave this task to the two of you, I know you will give me a real army to work with. Greco you are to gather the archers, and marksmen. I think you should meet with Princess Jazmine, the elven people are marksmen without peer, they are sure to bolster our ranks there. See about conscripting any hunters from the general populace as well, as you see fit. Amber you are to meet with the Magi sisters, I want you and Ladywitch to find any and all weavers of magic, we need healers and defensive spells to aid in protecting our forces. Ballzee, you will be in charge of the scouts, of course. Take them from the ranks of the cat people and wolfen, their innate senses will be invaluable in that regard. Make sure you choose only those tractable enough to work together, I fear their natural enmity may cause problems other wise." John looked at each of his fellows in turn, before continuing. "We have our work cut out for us, but I have faith in each of you my friends, we have never lost when working together, but overconfidence is a thing we cannot afford either. Let us get to bed now, and begin our tasks in the morning, after conferring with the High King of course." The Generals all nodded their heads, and departed leaving John alone in the room, studiously pouring over the information there until late in the night. It seemed his brother-in-law, King Stuart had sent his wife Lilu off to meet with the dwarf king. I hope you are alright sweetheart, he thought. Come back to me, with some dwarf smiths and we can really prepare for the coming hoard. With that thought he finally left for his bed, to try and catch a few winks before the rapidly approaching dawn. Stuart lay in bed next to his beautiful, sleeping wife. She had come in after the feast, and they had made love, but Stuart was distracted, all the while imagining Marl, with elfin eyes, and build. The memories of his dreams filling his thoughts. The thoughts plagued his heart, but he knew not what to do. Troubled he rolled over, turning his back to his wife, and settled back to sleep.

Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum  2009-014
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Story Time part 5: Nightranger revealed. Beer sensie, Jinxykat, Blum
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