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 Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro,

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Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro, Empty
PostSubject: Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro,   Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro, Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2013 5:22 pm

Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro, Avenge13

Lady Lilu, Lord Stuart's sister and one of his closest advisers, found him as he was climbing down from the tower. "Brother," she said. "What have the sister mages said?" Stuart looked gravely at his sister and replied, "There is some evil tidings, Lilu." "An evil that we have never imagined has taken root in our land, and honestly I'm not sure if we have the means to defeat it." "Stuart how is this possible," Lilu asked," there must be someting we can do, tell me brother, what needs to be done?" "I know not, but Ladywitch and her sisters are now searching for the answer," the tired Lord said. "In the mean time we have need to gather all of the free people of the land." "Might you be willing to put your famous diplomacy skills to use with the elves and dwarves, Lilu. I know that at least you and King Elohim have a closer bond than I." Lilu knew the dwarf King well, they were once quite close, and she thought her brother's plan was sound. "I shall do as you ask brother, I will leave for the dwarfen halls at once, then I will seek out the elves in their forrest homes." Stuart hugged his sister close, and said," I wish you to be careful sister, there is darkness moving in the land. Please take at least a full squadron of guards along with you." Lilu turned and hurried to make her preparations, making sure to grab a back of rubies, knowing of Elohim's fancy of the red stones in his crafting. She soon was ready, and grabbed a page to find her the soldiers her brother had asked her to take, and ready horses for them all. Princesses Nikki and Maddog, along with Jazmin, the elven warrior princess, and ambassador, and her contingent of soldiers charged into the gates of the Castle just as their aunt was preparing to leave. "Nikki, and Maddog," Lilu cried jumping from her horse and rushing to embrace the two. "How happy I am to find you, and you come with the very elves your father had just tasked me with finding. How fortune has favored us." "Yes my Lady aunt," Nikki said. "May I present the Princess Jazmine and her people." "A pleasure to meet you, princess," said Lilu. "The pleasure is mine Lady Tempest," Jazzie said. " Please call me Jazzie, I am not one for ceremony or titles. My sister is the princess really, I am much more happy with my blades or bow in hand." "Speaking of, when will I get to wet them? I am ready to slay something," Jazzie continued. "Far sooner than I would like I am afraid. Girls take Jazzie in to see your father, I must be off to meet King Elohim. Until we meet again." She hugged Nikki and Maddog again, and bowed to the elven princess, before mounting up and leading the squad of soldiers out of the gate at a fast trot.

Stuart was seated in his throne room facing a mounting list of worries, when his two eldest daughters burst into the room, followed by a strikingly beautiful lady elf. He rose from the throne and took in the bedraggled appearance, of his daughters before greeting there guest," Welcome to my home, I am Stuart, Lord of Tempest." The girls quickly recounted their adventures to the King. Stuart was shocked to hear of their ordeal, but proud of the way in which his children handled themselves. Also, they came with the very aid he had sent his sister to find. "Captain Riffjeff, ran into us daddy," Nikki said he told us of your concerns so we hurried here as fast as we could under the circumstances." "I'm glad you are both safe, and you and your people have my thanks Princess Jazzie," Stuart said. "Princess Jazzie, I hate to gloss over what you have done for me, and my kingdom," Stuart began, "but circumstances, are fairly dire at the moment. Can we count on your peoples aid at this time?" jazmin didn't hesitate with her reply," High King of Tempest, my people have long held alliance with your own, and we are here to stand with you. My sister, Princess Padfoot is even now ready to send whatever aid is required at this time." King Stuart bowed gracefully to the elfin princess, "Again, it seems I am in your debt Princess. It is a great honor to renew the bonds of kinship we once shared, although I wish that the present circumstances hadn't been the cause."

Stuart left Nikki and Maddog to see about arranging quarters for the elven people, and turned to studying a map of the continent. He was wondering from which direction the attack would begin, and sorely wished he had the Generals of Alpha squad at hand right now. Where are they? Captain Riffjeff and the others should have found some of them already and they should be arriving soon, but when? Every second wasted delayed the possible swift resolution of the conflict. He stood there for quite a long time, as if staring at the image of the land would bring his people there faster. Hours had passed without his notice, when he felt arms about his waist, embracing him gently. "Husband," Queen Marl said softly, "you have not moved for a very long time my dear. I know you are worried but you must still look after yourself, when is the last time you have eaten?" Stuart looked around at his wife's words and saw that indeed night had fallen, and servants had left food for him, which had gone unnoticed and was now cold and somewhat unappealing. "It matters little, my dear queen,"Stuart replied. "My people will starve, and die if we find no answer to this spell, they will die faster if we are beset by this troll hoard. I need the military genius of Alpha squad, I need the sorcery of the Mage sisters, I need the sword arm of a virginal knight no one knows about, I am relying on so many, and I feel as though I am doing little enough on my own to assist our people." Stuart kissed Marl on her forehead, and began to pace the room, nervous energy at war within him. "It is my duty to protect our people my Queen and I feel as though I am failing." "Stuart," Marl replied in her most imperious tone. "Sit down. You are my king, but you are also my husband, you will eat something while I tell you the truth as I see it." She beckoned in some of the kitchen staff to remove the cold food and bring something warm to replace it. "Now listen carefully, husband. You are the High King, it is your job to lead all the people of this land, not to think yourself able to accomplish every single duty on your own. Trust in the capabilities of the wonderful people that surround you love, and allow them to complete the tasks that are suited to their skills, the assignments you yourself gave them in your wisdom and await patiently their success, for I know you have chosen each person well, and that although things look bleak now, I have faith that you my love will see us through this." Stuart took his wife in his arms holding her close and kissing her soundly, thankful to have been blessed with such an extraodinary, and beautiful companion. As the cooks returned with some steaming plates the royal couple sat and talked of everyday matters as Stuart ate, and for a few moments the Lord of Tempest knew some peace.

Stuart and Marl adjourned to their private chambers locked into a passionate embrace arms entwined, lips clasped tightly together. Marl was shocked by Stuart's ardour, it had been a while since he had given in to the depths of yearning, and she was grateful. Stuart began to remove his queens garments, and picked her up placing her gently on their bed, kissing her ravenously as he struggled with his own clothing, before Marl aided him, and then he joined her on the bed, their passion further igniting, neither of them noticed the pair of eyes watching them from a darkened corner of the room. Eyes following the King's lips, as he slowly traced each and every curve of his Queen's body with them. Eyes filled with their own roaring blaze of lust at the sight before them. The intruder watched breathlessly, as the king made love to his Queen for over an hour, and finally when both of the royals were spent, and hugged each others faintly glistening bodies, the eyes melted into the surrounding shadows and departed the room. As she climbed away from the room, sticking to the walls like a spider, and blending seamlessly into her surroundings, Princess Jazmin finally released the breath she had been holding for so long. The fires within her that had kindled at the sight of Lord Stuart had just reached a towering inferno. She headed back to her quarters excited and a bit ashamed of her actions, yet longing to feel his lips against her own.

Captain Riffjeff and his men came on the first Generals on the edge of the plains. Luckily two of them were together making a difficult task that much easier. Father Maniac was a great and powerful warrior, usually calm he entered the king's service after losing a child to a group of bugbears. The sight of his son laying broken, caused him to lose it and he single handedly wiped out the lot of them, before dedicating his life to Lord Stuart, and rising up the ranks of Alpha Squad. The other general at his side was the enigmatic Ballzee, a man who was known to charge into battle without warning or awaiting any back up, fearless was a word used to describe both men. They sat in complete silence, under a wizened tree, legs folded beneath them in the classic meditative pose. Eyes shut, neither man moved at the sound of the appraoching horses. When the riders halted, before they announced themselves, Father Maniac spoke, eyes still shut, "Captain Riffjeff, to what do we owe the honor? I hope it is important as Ballzee here is just getting the hang of meditation." "Hey, Maniac," Ballzee began, "I just don't see the point in this trancendental hooie. Point me at the enemy, stand back, and watch them die." He spit out the corner of his mouth, while maintaining the pose. "My generals," Riffjeff saluted, the other following suit. "Lord Stuart, our High King has commanded me to gather all the members of Alpha squad and send them to Castle Tempest at once." "I see," said Maniac,"we will depart at once. Continue on your way until you reach the cliffs of Delta, there should be a few members of the squad there." Riffjeff and the other captains saluted again and mounted up departing in the direction the general had given. They rode hard for the cliffs, eager to finish the task appointed them by their King. A few hours later the cliffs could be seen ahead, and soon they came upon a small campsite, with a fire blazing. "Ho the camp," Riffjeff called out. There wasn't a reply, the men dismounted and began searching for clues as to the whereabouts or identities of the people that had been there. Not finding much to give them any answers, and with night falling around them, Riffjeff gave out orders for setting a watch and ordered the men to bunk down, and see to handing out some rations. The men had settled down to sleep and Riff had just begun the first watch himself, when a voice startled him from behind, "Captain, calm yourself," the melodious voice said, "I didn't mean to startle you". Riffjeff turned around and was stunned to see it was Amber, the Golden lady, general of Alpha squad addressing him. He stumbled a bit in embarrassment, before regaining himself and saluting the beautiful officer. Her looks were stunning, and Riffjeff paused to find his voice befoe telling her his orders. "I see, well we shouldn't be travellling in the dark, glad to see you men have made yourselves comfy in our camp," the Golden Lady replied. "General Maestro, is atop the cliffs, but he should be along soon. He went up there to find some medicinal herbs he had promised Roy." Infact mere moments passed before the General's imposing shadow flited across the fire and took up residence next to the lady. "Captain," he said inclining his head in a curt nod, "is everything alright?" "The King has requested the Alpha Squad, sir," Riffjeff said. "Yes, then the answer is clearly no, there must be some trouble of great import for him to summon us all. Have you come across John yet? or Goku? What about Greco?" "General we have only just found Father Maniac, and Ballzee and yourselves, sir," the captain replied. "Well the others were headed in the direction of the castle when last we met, we all were really. This ill weather had each of us fearing ill portents," Maestro said. "I think you need not continue your search. We shall depart for the castle in the morning together." Amber noticed Riffjeff's apprehension at the orders, contrary to those of the king, "Captain do not fear, my love is correct, and if not more than willing to take the blame if any is cast." Absolutely my dear. Captain, you need not fear the wrath of our King, he will understand the prudence of my orders I am sure," Maestro said to the captain. "As you command my General." said Riffjeff.

Riffjeff sat by the fire, after being relieved of his duty by one of his fellows, thinking about the enormity of what was going on. He couldn't believe it all , really, the fabled Alpha Squad was the elite military leaders of Tempest. Not only that but these were the heroes that had helped Lord Stuart build their country, and ushered in the prosperity that had marked the majority of the high King's reign. In fact, prior to the current crisis, most had remarked that Lord Stuart might just have been the greatest leader the country had ever known. This was due in large part to this group of warriors, the Alphas. Two of whom Riffjeff was sitting with around the fire. He was humbled by the presence of them, and The Golden Lady, and Maestro were aware, but didn't mention it, not wanting to embarrass the good captain.

"Captain Riffjeff," Amber invited, "please come closer, have some bread and wine. Tell us more of your journey." "Yes, I too am curious about the state of the land. This frigid cold is surely a plague on the people," Maestro added. "Yes the weather is bad, but it seems as if every foul beast within it works together, conspiring our downfall, my Generals," Riffjeff answered. He told them of the attack on Princesses Nikki and Maddog by the vile crab men, and of various hamlets they had passed that bore the evidence of destruction by trolls, bugbears, and other creatures of ill repute. "This is madness," Maestro huffed, "Bugbears and trolls working together! What could drive them to do it? They each have histories of in fighting even within their own clans. What darkness can marshall such a foul pact?"

The giant of a general, well over six feet tall, and built like a bear leapt nimbly to his feet in his agitation. There was a soft glow of golden light coming from Amber, and as she touched his arm the angry general resumed his place by the fire calming instantly. The Golden Lady's power to influence the emotional states of friend and foe alike was well known, and Riffjeff had just witness that might first hand. He was even more in awe than before. "Thank you my, love," said Maestro turning to the lady. "You know well what happens when my anger takes control of me." Riffjeff knew as well, and was grateful for the intervention. It was rumored that once in battle, Maestro had slain one thousand men in a matter of minutes, while in the throws of an uncontrollable rage. A rage that was only quelled by the power of the Golden Lady. Riffjeff looked at the two Generals surrupticiously, and could see from the loving gaze they shared the deep feelings they had for one another. They sat in silence for quite a while before Riffjeff got up and spread out his bed roll, a ways away to afford the Generals a bit of privacy.

It was late into the night, or maybe very early morning when Nightranger heard his Master return. Although far into his cups, Beer moved with a sure and silent stealth that was only given away by the faint hiccups issuing from his mouth every few seconds. Most would have taken no notice of the sound, but Nightranger's senses were keen, honed through years of tutelage under the very man making the sound. He rose from his bed, noticing the slump of the older man's shoulders and fetched him a bowl of the venison stew he had made for dinner, praying it would stay down long enough to nourish the man. "Thaank youu, son" Beer slurred gratefully. "You are a good man, Night. The best pupil, I could ask for, no, the best family." Beer looked into the young man's eyes and was sobered by the questions he could see boiling within the emerald pools. "I think it is time for me to tell you who you are, but my mind is a bit too cloudy. When we wake for the morning meditation I will answer the questions I see within you to the best of my ability," the drunken Master said. Nightranger waited until the older man had finished the stew, and then helped him into bed, the effects of the alcohol finally showing in the master's awkward movements. After tucking him into bed, Night moved to his own, and laid awake for some time wondering what would be said in the morning. Who am I? he wondered, before finally giving into his own need for sleep.

Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro, 2009-013
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Story Time part 4: Enter Lady Lilu, Golden Amber, General Maddmaestro,
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